Because of the vast services and size of Northwell Health, we know medical coders play a critical role in maintaining a healthy revenue cycle. The industry is evolving, and so are we. That’s why we created Northwell HealthForce, a professional team of hospital-based, expert coders focused on quality and compliance accuracy. Our team can help you prepare for the transition to ICD-10.

Why choose us?

Unlike coders hired through a staffing agency that is driven by profit, Northwell HealthForce medical coders are reliable team members of our award-winning health network. Our clients receive the same accuracy and quality oversight that Northwell HealthForce provides for our 18 hospitals and more than 400 outpatient facilities.

The Northwell HealthForce accuracy and quality commitment includes: 

  • Quality that is validated. Our coding compliance auditors provide an extra set of eyes to every coded record, ensuring a level of accuracy that other coding services can not offer.
  • Experienced coders. Our team of seasoned coders were recruited, trained, mentored and managed by subject-matter experts who are immersed in the world of health information management, work in the hospital environment and understand the dynamic landscape of healthcare.
  • Dual-coding of data. By coding all records for both ICD-9 and ICD-10, we lay a foundation to satisfy your coding needs for upcoming ICD-10 requirements. The completed ICD-10 records can be used for staff training or for financial analysis.
  • Data services that go beyond coding.  Because we dual-code, we can point out any risk areas you may have prior to ICD-10 in addition to severity information about your patient population. Our team can also identify documentation issues that are reportable to Clinical Documentation Improvement.
  • Customer service as world-class as our coding. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact who understands the challenges and importance of coding, and we’re with you from start to finish.

Outgrowing staffing agencies

Rapid and ongoing changes in health care have left many hospital systems relying on staffing companies to supply unreliable contract employees while facing ongoing compliance requirement updates. Our industry has struggled with the quality and productivity of the contract coding services offered by these staffing companies.

Working with Northwell HealthForce will change what you expect from a contract coding vendor. We understand what you are missing, because we need and use the same services. We are you. Our services are efficient, precise and tailored to your needs. With a team of coders We provide an experience that aligns your departments, goals and quality assurance.

Quality driven results

We apply the same accuracy and quality oversight for our clients as we do for our own coding operations, delivering dedicated support from individual coders with the expertise to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Hire medical coders you can trust

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What our clients say

"HealthForce's coding mentoring process generates more real time ICD-10 coding experience than any other method we know."

Jay Janov
Prospective Payment Specialists, Inc.